December 13, 2017


We are a start-up company spawned from the Memorial University Centre for Entrepreneurship program in St. John’s, NL, Canada.

Our lead hardware designer and founder, Warren Parsons, has created and sold over 800 AC Dimmers for use in hobbyist projects on various online hobbyist sites.  He decided to start WARPAR Corp in November 2017 to create ‘Enzo’ – a consumer market dimmer.  He noticed that most wall dimmers on the market use traditional wall plates that look bland and lack style.  He decided to create a stylish dimmer that packs powerful functionality such as power monitoring, scheduling, timers, a capacitive touch button and remote control via Wi-Fi – Enzo was born.

We decided to go with a sleek looking metal control knob rather than basic up/down buttons – a knob can quickly and accurately select the perfect dimming value without having to press a button a million times!